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  1. “Sirhan did not kill Robert Kennedy, yet he remains in jail to this very day. Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was 14 years old at the time of his father’s death, has visited Sirhan in prison, claims he is innocent, and believes there was another gunman. Paul Schrade, an aide to the senator and the first person shot that night, also says Sirhan didn’t do it. Both have plenty of evidence. And they are not alone.

    There is a vast body of documented evidence to prove this, an indisputably logical case marshalled by serious writers and researchers. Lisa Pease is the latest. It is a reason why a group of 60 prominent Americans has recently called for a reopening of, not just this case, but those of JFK, MLK, and Malcom X. The blood of these men cries out for the revelation of the truth that the United States national security state and its media accomplices have fought so mightily to keep hidden for so many years.

    That they have worked so hard at this reveals how dangerous the truth about these assassinations still is to this secret government that wages propaganda war against the American people and real wars around the world. It is a government of Democrats, Republicans, and their intelligence allies working together today to confuse the American people and provoke Russia in a most dangerous game that could lead to nuclear war, a possibility that so frightened JFK and RFK after the Cuban Missile Crisis that they devoted themselves to ending the Cold War, reconciling with the Soviet Union, abolishing nuclear weapons, reining in of the power of the CIA, and withdrawing from Vietnam. That is why they were killed.”

    (Edward Curtain, Global Research)


    • Makow „believes the world is controlled by nefarious Judeo-Masonic/Satanic/Commie forces, spearheaded by the Rockefeller Foundation. He also believes that the aforementioned concocted feminism, so that women wouldn’t have children, as part of depopulation efforts. His writings can be found on notorious websites Whale.to, Jesus-is-savior.com, and Alex Jones’ PrisonPlanet.”

      I still don’t know if this Polish-Jewish creep is a Mossad-CIA fraud, but I do know now for sure that he is stark raving mad.


  2. Neil deGrasse Tyson in action. Yet another brilliant American. Faith is by definition belief in something without any evidence. You believe in something like „God” because you absolutely have no evidence. This is why it’s called faith. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t need faith!:


  3. J. William Fulbright, one of my few American heroes

    An excerpt from William Astore’s “The Riptide of American Militarism”, published in CounterPunch:

    „A while back, speaking of things not past, I stumbled across Senator J. William Fulbright’s 1970 book The Pentagon Propaganda Machine and, out of curiosity, bought it for the princely sum of five dollars. Now, talk about creepy. Fulbright, who left the Senate in 1974 and died in 1995, noted a phenomenon then that should ring a distinct bell today. Americans, he wrote, ‘have grown distressingly used to war.’ He then added a line that still couldn’t be more up to date: ‘Violence is our most important product.’ Congress, he complained (and this, too, should ring a distinct bell in 2019), was shoveling money at the Pentagon ‘with virtually no questions asked,’ while costly weapons systems were seen mainly ‘as a means of prosperity,’ especially for the weapons makers of the military-industrial complex. ‘Militarism has been creeping up on us,’ he warned, and the American public, conditioned by endless crises and warnings of war, had grown numb, leaving ‘few, other than the young, [to] protest against what is happening.’”
    Yeah, this is the guy who founded in 1946 the Fulbright Program, one of the best American foreign policy initiatives. And I happen to be a very grateful beneficiary of the Program. Unfortunately, by now the Program has been compromised by political interests.


  4. A fragment from an interview with Mateusz Piskorski:
    Are you now a really free man? What were the conditions of your release?

    Piskorski: Sometimes I joke that I was put into just another one detention centre, this time a little bit bigger, but still quite hard to live in. Being in anti-system politics in an authoritarian regime, is not a comfortable way of life.

    The regime is trying to destroy you by depriving you of everything. All my savings and property was confiscated back in 2016. Of course, I’ve submitted a complaint against this decision by the National Prosecutor’s Office, but the court hasn’t made any decision for almost two years. This means, that in contemporary Poland everyone can be effectively deprived of his/her property, while waiting several years for a court’s ruling.

    Source: Free West Media:



  5. Hey Amigos, I am no longer going to argue about the impending horror of global warming. For me the best strategy is to continue to post information, hoping that I will attract the attention of intelligent bloggers with a genuine interest in science and modern technology. I am done with Polish „denialists” and other such deluded pseudo-experts, the same way I am done with „polakatoliki”.

    Here is one more lecture about the utter stupidity and irresponsibility of the corporate and political establishment to face up to the life-threatening crisis of global warming. David Puttnam (actually Lord David Puttnam) buttresses his exposition with examples from the past, for instance, the tobacco corporations refusing to acknowledge that smoking causes cancer and lying criminally during the infamous Congressional hearings:


  6. AUGUST 20, 2019
    America’s Forgotten Bullshit Bombing of Serbia

    Forgotten lies almost guarantee new political treachery. Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton commenced bombing Serbia in the name of human rights, justice, and ethnic tolerance. Approximately 1,500 Serb civilians were killed by NATO bombing in one of the biggest sham morality plays of the modern era. As British professor Philip Hammond recently noted, the 78-day bombing campaign “was not a purely military operation: NATO also destroyed what it called ‘dual-use’ targets, such as factories, city bridges, and even the main television building in downtown Belgrade, in an attempt to terrorise the country into surrender.”

    Clinton’s unprovoked attack on Serbia, intended to help ethnic Albanians seize control of Kosovo, set a precedent for “humanitarian” warring that was invoked by supporters of George W. Bush’s unprovoked attack on Iraq, Barack Obama’s bombing of Libya, and Donald Trump’s bombing of Syria. (Cont. in CounterPunch)


  7. Kolejny historyk, tym razem kanadyjski (właściwie kanadyjsko-belgijski) profesor, Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels, ujawnia kulisy polskiej samobójczej głupoty politycznej w okresie międzywojennym. Oto fragment z jego artykułu na Global Research:

    “First of all, it should be taken into account that interwar Poland was not a democratic country, far from it. After its (re)birth at the end of the First World War as a titular democracy, it did not take very long before the country found itself ruled with an iron hand by a military dictator, general Józef Pilsudski, on behalf of a hybrid elite representing the aristocracy, the Catholic Church, and the bourgeoise. This un- and anti-democratic regime continued to govern after the general’s death in 1935, under the leadership of “Pilsudski’s colonels,” whose primus inter pareswas Józef Beck, the minister of foreign affairs. His foreign policy did not reflect warm feelings towards Germany, which had lost a part of its territory to the advantage of the new Polish state, including a “corridor” that separated the German region of East Prussia from the rest of the Reich; and there was also friction with Berlin on account of the important Baltic seaport of Gdansk (Danzig), declared to be an independent city-state by the Versailles Treaty, but claimed by both Poland and Germany.

    Poland’s attitude towards its eastern neighbour, the Soviet Union, was even more hostile. Pilsudski and other Polish nationalists dreamed of a comeback of the great Polish-Lithuanian empire of the 17thand 18thcenturies that had stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. And he had taken advantage of the revolution and subsequent civil war in Russia to grab a vast piece of territory of the former czarist empire during the Russian-Polish War of 1919-1921. This territory, to become known rather inaccurately as “Eastern Poland,” extended for several hundred kilometers to the east of the famous Curzon Line that ought to have been the eastern border of the new Polish state, at least according to the Western powers that had been the godfathers of the new Poland at the end of the Great War. The region was essentially populated by White Russians and Ukrainians, but in the following years Warsaw was to “polonize” it as much as possible by bringing in Polish settlers. The flames of Polish hostility towards the Soviet Union were also fanned by the fact that the Soviets sympathized with the communists and other plebeians who opposed the patrician regime in Poland itself. Finally, the Polish elite was anti-Semitic and had embraced the concept of Judeo-bolshevism, the notion that communism and all other forms of Marxism were part of a nefarious Jewish plot, and that the Soviet Union, the product of a Bolshevik and therefore supposedly Jewish revolutionary scheme, amounted to nothing other than “Russia ruled by the Jews.” Even so, relations with the two powerful neighbours were normalized as much as possible under Pilsudski by the conclusion of two non-aggression treaties, one with the Soviet Union in 1932 and one with Germany soon after Hitler’s advent to power, namely in 1934.”


  8. Djoko has lost his mind.

    Discussing the power of emotions and the mind, Djokovic suggested that they could be harnessed to cleanse polluted water or food. “This is something that is not linked to any form of official way of presenting nutrition and how you should eat and drink,” Djokovic began, seemingly by way of a disclaimer. “I know some people that, through energetical transformation, through the power of prayer, through the power of gratitude, they managed to turn the most toxic food, or maybe most polluted water into the most healing water, because water reacts.

    It used to be that tennis players were considered among the most intelligent, informed and educated professional athletes. Not any more … 


  9. Prof. Grover Furr on the Polish government of 1939:

    „The Polish government was uniquely cowardly and unprincipled. Hitler himself was ready to negotiate with the Polish government and leave a shrunken Poland in existence. But there was no government with which to negotiate – it had fled the country and deserted its people. No other government on any side of the war did this.”


  10. Portal warty promowania: Investig’Action


    What we are witnessing or participating in, is a horrific, ideological battle. Not just for China, not just for Russia and for the memory of those who gave their lives for the survival of our human race.

    Right now, everything is at stake. Perhaps the very essence of mankind.

    It is still possible to win. Partially, because Western propaganda, while effective, is not necessarily innovative. It is relatively primitive. It can be exposed. While it repeats its lies, relentlessly and religiously, we have to repeat that the lies are lies, and offer proof.

    Let us do it with determination, and in full voice.


    “75 years ago, it was the Soviet Union who defeated Nazi Germany, and saved the world, at an unimaginably high cost!”
    “It was China, which was first hit by the novel coronavirus. And it was China, which defeated it rapidly and with tremendous socialist determination!”


  11. (Sara Flounders, Investig’Action, 2017):

    „Forces in the Russian Duma, the elected assembly, began a nationwide government campaign against foreign-funded NGOs. In 2012 USAID was kicked out of Russia. The “foreign agent” law put 33 percent of Russia’s NGOs out of business in 2013.”

    What great news and what a great accomplishment! I just hope the Russians will kick out all anti-Russian NGOs.


  12. Andre Vltchek is dead.

    ANKARA, TURKEY (AP) — Turkish authorities are investigating the death of an American author and journalist who died while traveling overnight from the Turkish Black Sea coastal city of Samsun to Istanbul, Turkey’s state-run news agency reported Tuesday.

    Andre Vltchek, 57, and his wife were traveling inside a rented, chauffeured car and arrived in front of their Istanbul hotel at around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. His wife tried to wake him up to tell him they had arrived but could not do so, the Anadolu Agency reported.



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