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  1. kanassatego pisze:

    One major problem with the famous Russian political commentator, the Saker:

    Yes, the Saker offers very insightful Russian perspectives on current political problems, a welcome break from the intolerable propaganda of Western presstitudes. But the Saker is fiercely intolerant of any criticism of Russian Orthodoxy and takes enormous care to remove any remark that might be offensive to his passion for this particular brand of Christianity. Apparently, he has convinced himself that he and over 100 million Russians have not become mentally enslaved by a Jewish religion.

    All censorship ultimately destroys intellectual freedom (and happens to be a violation of the 1st Amendment, which nobody really cares about any more these days.) I have been censored several times by the Saker and his thought police, even though I have almost always agreed with him and have written several complimentary posts. But the Saker (or his thought police) have recently been quite watchful and they apparently will not allow any critique, no matter how meritorious of Orthodox Christianity, embraced so passionately by the Saker. Pity that such a worthy blog may end up offering only personally and religiously correct opinions, resulting in another bland, self-congratulatory portal.


  2. kanassatego pisze:

    The Russian Ambassador in England writes a letter to the British officer who was hospitalized after he responded to the scene where Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious:

    „As for Britain’s claims that Moscow was behind the poisoning of the former Russian-UK double agent, the Ambassador wrote ‚please be assured that Russia has nothing to do with this reckless incident and is ready to cooperate with the British authorities with regard to the investigation both bilaterally and through international organizations.’


  3. kanassatego pisze:

    From RT today:

    „The head of Russia’s strategic defense industry corporation Rostec says Moscow is ready to sell S-400 air defense systems to any nation that feels insecure and wants to seal its airspace, including the US if it wants to.”

    Ha, ha … isn’t that special?! Looks like the days of the American Empire are numbered and good people in Russia and other countries such as Cuba, North Korea and Iran should step in and help the Americans survive the crisis. Maybe PIS-land should consider sending a lot of Polish sausages and vodka.


  4. kanassatego pisze:

    From the Greanville Post: The Curse of Western Imperialism
    Z magazynu Greanville Post: Przekleństwo zachodniego imperializmu.


  5. kanassatego pisze:

    4.75 miliardów złotych wywalone w błoto: Wolna Polska kupuje „Patrioty”:

    Warsaw signed the largest weapons procurement deal in its history on Wednesday, agreeing with the US to buy Raytheon Co’s Patriot missile defense system for $4.75 billion, Reuters reports. “It is Poland’s introduction into a whole new world of state-of-the-art technology, modern weaponry, and defensive means,” President Andrzej Duda said. The deal will allow NATO member Poland to conduct air and missile defense operations with allies the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Greece, which already have the Patriot systems.

    Notka: Podobno najlepszy na świecie rakietowy system obronny to rosyjski S-400.

    The S-400 uses four missiles: the very-long-range 40N6 (400 km), the long-range 48N6 (250 km), the medium-range 9M96E2 (120 km) and the short-range 9M96E (40 km). The S-400 has been described, as of 2017, as „one of the best air-defence systems currently made.”

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  6. kanassatego pisze:

    Przemek, you say: „Team APA let himself go fucking…”

    I don’t know who these APA guys/assholes are, but I think you mean: „Team APA, why don’t you go fuck yourselves!” That right?

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  7. kanassatego pisze:

    Farsa anty-rosyjska w całej furii.

    Russia in the meantime has started a tit-for-tat move expelling western diplomats – in a first round 60, plus closing the US Consulate in St. Petersburg. According to Mr. Lavrov, more will most likely follow. – There will be an exodus and a counter-exodus of diplomats, west-east and east-west. It looks like a Kindergarten at play – but is of course a blatant provocation by the west on Russia and a continuation of the vilification of President Putin – especially after he has just been reelected with an overwhelming majority of over 76%. It’s a provocation with zero substance, to further justify an escalating NATO aggression against Russia. The war-bells are ringing – for a lie, an abject farce, visible to a child. Only the blind, those puppets, because out of fear or out of stupidity, who do not want to see – are supporting this new US instigated, UK executed drive against Russia. 

The nerve gas, called Novichok, had been produced by the Soviet Union in the 1970s, but was subsequently banned and destroyed under international supervision. The ‘inventor’ of Novichok lives apparently in the US. Mr. Putin said, if the military-grade Novichok would have been used, the only form the USSR ever produced, there would have been no survivors.

    Source: The Greanville Post


  8. kanassatego pisze:

    Najwybitniejszy amerykański ekspert od spraw Rosji, Prof. Stephen Cohen, jest obecnie zablokowany przez amerykańskie prostytutki medialne.

    America’s leading scholar of Russia, Stephen F. Cohen (above), now retired from both Princeton and NYU, used to be, during the Cold War, regularly invited onto U.S. newsmedia, to discuss U.S.-Soviet and then U.S.-Russian relations. But now, he is boycotted by all of the national U.S. ’news’media, because he talks about the very real and now rapidly increasing likelihood of World War III developing from U.S. policies — not from Russian policies—but from the U.S. Government, under both Obama and now Trump.


  9. kanassatego pisze:

    Do you want to understand what has happened to Ukraine, particularly during the Euromaidan? If so, then you will need to spend 90 minutes of your life to watch this documentary, “Ukraine on Fire,” by Oliver Stone and Igor Lopatonok.

    This is a masterpiece political documentary.

    Czy chcecie zrozumieć co się wydarzyło na Ukrainie, szczególnie podczas Euromaidanu? Jeżeli tak, to będziecie musieli spędzić 90 minut swojego życia aby obejrzeć ten film dokumentalny, „Ukraina w ogniu” Olivera Stone’a i Igora Lopatonoka.

    Jest to arcydzieło filmu dokumentalnego. (Nie wiem czy istnieje polska wersja.)


  10. kanassatego pisze:

    This is the English version of another important documentary: „Crimea, the Way Back Home.” Przemek already posted the link to the Russian version a long time ago, but I think the English version must also be promoted the best we can. Nobody will ever fully understand what really happened in Crimea unless he or she has watched this film:

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  11. canassatego pisze:

    Yet another ground-breaking documentary, showing that the United States has become a gigantic fraud, a corporate Monster, an „act of collective madness.” The Federal Reserve is revealed for what it really is: an evil, profit-obsessed cartel that has destroyed American democracy:


  12. canassatego pisze:

    I am more and more amazed by what President Putin has accomplished. Here is only one example:

    „According to data from the I.M.F. Russia’s economy had plunged in the 1990s under the Yeltsin presidency. When Putin took over in 1998, per capita income in the country had shrunk by more than 40 percent from its 1990 level. This is a far sharper downturn than the United States saw in the Great Depression. Since Putin took power its per capita income has risen by more than 115 percent, an average annual growth rate of more than 3.9 percent.”

    I could give many such examples. But for now one is enough.

    When is our country, Poland, ever going to have a president like Putin? A rhetorical question, I am afraid.

    (Source: Dean Baker, CounterPunch)

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  13. canassatego pisze:

    Here’s how the Monstrous Thug used chemical weapons in Japan, North Korea and Vietnam:

    „The accusation of “napalm attack” conjures up terrible images designed to shock. In 1945 the US B29 bombers dropped their payload of 69,000 pounds of Napalm over Tokyo, Japan in one hour. An estimated 100,000 Japanese men, women and children perished in the resulting fire storm. Washington considered the 10 days of Napalm bombing raids across all Japan’s major cities, a huge success. The US also used Napalm in North Korea with devastating consequences for its people in the 1950s. Washington dropped 32,557 tonnes of Napalm on Vietnam.”

    Source: Greanville Post


  14. canassatego pisze:

    Robi się gorąco: Amerykanie ewidentnie szykują się do ataku na Syrię. Tym razem będą chcieli zaatakować siedzibę rządu syryjskiego. Jeden z niezależnych komentatorów amerykańskich uważa, że Rosjanie muszą oficjalnie oświadczyć, że tym razem będą zmuszeni zestrzelić amerykańskie samoloty i zniszczyć amerykańskie okręty, które przygotowują się już do ataku rakietowego.

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    • Andrzej Pucyn pisze:

      jeżeli atak podejmą muszą być pewni ze Putin zwieje z Syrii i jeżeli tak będzie oznacza to jedno .Coś było na rzeczy gdy sobie Putin lizał gębę z habad lubawicz .


  15. canassatego pisze:

    Trump blinks and … hold off on attacking Syria, at least for now. Here’s what The Moon of Alabama reports today:
    „Syria – Threat Of Large War Recedes But May Come Back”
    The expected U.S. attack on Syria last night did not happen.

    Today U.S President Trump seemed to pull back from his earlier attempt to pressure Russia over a faked chemical incident in Ghouta, Syria:

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump – 10:15 AM UTC – 12 Apr 2018
    Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our “Thank you America?”
    Over night high level military and political negotiations between Russia and the U.S. continued with at least some success:

    Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai – 12:49 PM UTC – 12 Apr 2018
    #Russian sources told me: possibility of war on #Syria has gone down from 9 to 5/10. Diplomatic contacts with #USA never stopped. It was acknowledged that the possible war on #Syria serves no purposes but to create a war situation where worse case scenario can happen


  16. Kaycee pisze:

    So much info in so few words. Totosly could learn a lot.


  17. canassatego pisze:

    Here’s Roger Waters (my hero and maybe yours, too) exposing the White Helmets as a fake, fraudulent group designed by the West (mostly by England) to work for anti-Assad, terrorist organizations in Syria.

    Of course, every independent journalist (and thinker) knows this. Here are, for example, John Pilger and Vanessa Beeley, among others, exposing the fraud in detail. (This is probably the best short documentary on the topic):


  18. canassatego pisze:

    The main target of Trump’s latest Syria strike, the Barzah facility–at which 76 missiles (of a total of 105) were fired–was going to be demolished anyway: “In a report issued just in March of this year, OPCW confirms the Syrian government was cooperating in the process of demolishing the facility.”

    Ha, ha, ha … It doesn’t get more ridiculous than that.

    (Source: Russia Insider)

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    • canassatego pisze:

      One might hope that the subhuman American scum that inflicted such horror on Vietnamese people will end up in hell. But the problem is that the only hell there is or ever will be is the one we create on earth. No American was held responsible for this hell. Life is a meaningless horror story.

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  19. canassatego pisze:

    How good exactly is US missile technology? Not so very good, after all. Here are a few examples for now:

    „In the first 1990 Gulf War … the performance of US Patriot missiles in shooting down Iraqi Scud missiles fired at Israel, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait was lauded by Western powers and the media. A 95% success rate was claimed at the time, with then President George Bush claiming that the Patriot’s record was „near perfect”. Over the following year however, the US Army lowered this estimate to 79% over Saudi Arabian skies and 40% over Israel. A later report by the General Accounting Office concluded that Patriot missiles destroyed only 9% of the Scuds they attempted to engage. The Israeli Defense Force calculated the hit rate at just 2%.”

    In a documentary aired on Israeli television in 1993, Moshe Arens, who was Israel’s Defense Minister in the Gulf War, Gen. Dan Shomron, who was chief of staff of the Israel Defense Force during the war, and Haim Asa, a member of an Israeli technical team that worked with Patriots during the war, all dismissed the Patriot anti-missile system. General Shomron described accounts of the Patriot’s success as „a myth.” Mr. Asa called them „a joke.” All concurred with a 1991 report by the Israeli Air Force, which concluded that „there is no evidence of even a single successful intercept” although there is „circumstantial evidence for one possible intercept.”

    The point being, the US has a track record of lying about the effectiveness of its missiles.”

    Also, in addition to the three targets in Syria officially hit in the last missile attack, there were several other targets where the cruise missiles were directed, but none has been reported in the American/Western media. This is because all the missiles were shot down by the Soviet-era Syrian air-defense systems. Here’s a list:

    Duwali airbase – 4 missiles fired, 4 shot down
    Dumayr airbase – 12 missiles fired, 12 shot down
    Baley airbase – 18 missiles fired, 18 shot down
    Shayrat airbase – 12 missiles fired, 12 shot down
    Marj Ruhayyil airbase – 18 missiles fired, 18 shot down
    Damascus international airport – 4 missiles fired, 4 shot down”

    „Why didn’t the Pentagon include those in its report on the strikes?
    Source: Russia Insider


  20. canassatego pisze:

    „David,” a blogger on Russia Insider, has compiled a handy list of American false flags:

    The Gulf of Tonkin incident
    Cold War plots to drown Cuban refugees and blame it on the USSR
    Cold War plots to conduct terrorist attacks on US cities and blame it on Cuba
    The Iran-Contra scandal
    Kuwait incubator babies
    Washington DC anthrax attacks (blamed on both Afghanistan and Iraq)
    Iraq WMDs
    Iran nuclear weapons program
    CIA torture programs and their ineffectiveness
    NSA mass surveillance and data-gathering
    Warantless surveillance of USA citizens
    Afghanistan civilian drone-strike deaths
    Everything that was claimed about Libya
    Assad chemical weapons

    Feel free to add others.


  21. canassatego pisze:

    Here’s an example of how the Ukrainian fascists and Western scumbags falsify information for propaganda purposes. This video has been posted on Russia Insider:


  22. canassatego pisze:

    Immortal words from a Nazi monster:

    Whilst awaiting trial at Nuremberg, Hermann Goering admitted: “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship…Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country”.


  23. canassatego pisze:

    „US Taxpayer Sends $3,456 to Pentagon and Just $39 to Environmental Protection.”

    This illustrates very well how completely anti-human, fucked-up American siphilization has become! (Check out another excellent article on Russia Insider.)


  24. canassatego pisze:

    The Douma „chemical” attack that … never happened!:


  25. canassatego pisze:

    The horrors of our rapidly advancing technology-based civilization are upon us, closer than ever before. The song below illustrates it in a masterful way. It was written in 1969, a unique one-hit wonder by the American pop-rock duo of Zager and Evans.

    In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find
    In the year 3535 ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
    Everything you think, do and say is in the pill you took today
    In the year 4545, You ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes
    You won’t find a thing to chew, nobody’s gonna look at you
    In the year 5555, Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
    Your legs got nothin’ to do, Some machine’s doin’ that for you
    In the year 6565, You won’t need no husband, won’t need no wife
    You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
    From the bottom of a long glass tube
    In the year 7510, if God’s a coming, He oughta make it by then
    Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say guess it’s time for the judgment day


  26. canassatego pisze:

    Can you believe it!: Here’s what RT reported today:

    “The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the US government for “artificially” creating conditions to halt the issuing of visas after Russian Bolshoi Theater performers were denied entry. “Even during the Cold War it did not come to this,” the ministry said in a statement on Saturday, adding that art has always served for easing tensions. The move is aimed to “pressure” Russia and “fence off American from Russian with a visa wall,” according to the foreign ministry.”

    Here’s what I think. I think that the silly, semi-educated racists in the amerikkan government (yeah, there is „American,” and there is „amerikkan”) are professional Yahoos, who don’t know what „ballet” is. (A French word they neither understand nor can pronounce correctly.) Russia should immediately sever all connections with the Yahoos, since they are fiercely resistant to beauty.


  27. canassatego pisze:

    Syria’s UNO Ambassador Jaafari says it all:

    „Some permanent members [of the UNO] have become professional liars. Through lying, Palestine was occupied and the war in Korea fueled, through lying they invaded Vietnam & Grenada, occupied Iraq and destroyed Libya, and through lying they will create a pretext to invade Syria.”

    „If published in the New York Times, which daily dedicates acres of newsprint to fluff and outrageous warmongering lies of utility only to the world plutocracy it serves (later amplified by the rest of the prostituted mainstream media), statements like Amb. Jaafari’s would go a long way to restore sanity and honesty in the affairs of nations. It would take less than one inch in any of the broadsheet’s pages. Yes, the truth is simple, direct and concise. It does not require tons of artifice and embellishment. But it won’t happen. For the simple reason the New York Times—as we all know so well— and its fellow capitalist media are not really news media but —in regard to all topics of vital interests to humanity—propaganda platforms in the west’s Ministry of Truth.”

    Source: The Greanville Report

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  28. canassatego pisze:

    A little-known episode from the Cuban Crisis that we should never forget. And say „thank you” to the Russian officer Arkhipov that you are still alive today:

    „Who, then, really deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? Probably, those who, for sure, will never get it. Try to recall a frightening detail from the Cuban missile crisis: only later did we learn how close to nuclear war we were during a naval skirmish between an American destroyer and a Soviet B-59 submarine off Cuba on October 27, 1962. The destroyer dropped depth charges near the submarine to try to force it to surface, not knowing it had a nuclear-tipped torpedo. Vadim Orlov, a member of the submarine crew, told the conference in Havana that the submarine was authorized to fire if three officers agreed. The officers began a fierce shouting debate over whether to sink the ship. Two of them said Yes and the other said No.

    „A guy named Arkhipov saved the world,” was a bitter comment of a historian on this accident.

    (Source: RT)


  29. canassatego pisze:

    The Russians are celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the defeat of the horror called Nazi Germany:


  30. canassatego pisze:

    Russia appears to have discredited itself.

    „Putin Backs Off Giving Syria S-300 Systems After Netanyahu Meeting”

    By Jason Ditz

    „Russian media: Putin says no immediate need for Syria deliveries. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have been quite successful in petitioning the Russian government against delivering S-300 air defense systems to Syria. After previous confirmations that such a delivery was happening, Putin now says he sees no need, and that no talks with Syria on the delivery are ongoing.”



  31. canassatego pisze:

    How criminally evil is the US government? Here’s how:

    „There is a reason that most countries polled in December 2013 by Gallup called the United States the greatest threat to peace in the world, and why Pew found that viewpoint increased in 2017. Since World War II, the United States military has killed or helped kill some 20 million people, overthrown at least 36 governments, interfered in at least 84 foreign elections, attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders, and dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries.

    „In military spending (over $1,200 billion per year) and weapons dealing, the U.S. government has no peer. Only 19 other nations on earth spend more than $10 billion per year. Seventeen of them are U.S. allies and weapons customers.

    „The U.S. government is directly responsible for policies that make the United States, by various measures, the worst destroyer of the world’s natural environment.

    The United States government is out of control, and the force needed to resist it successfully is not a military one. It is the nonviolent organized support for the rule of law that can be mobilized among the people of the world, including the people of the United States.”

    Source: The Greanville Report


  32. canassatego pisze:

    Tusk: EU members should unite to face “a new phenomenon – the capricious assertiveness of the American administration.”

    Brawo, Panie Tusk! Brawo. Wreszcie mówi Pan jak Prezydent Rady Europejskiej, jak wolny Europejczyk i jak wolny Polak. Czyli nie jest jeszcze za późno uratować Pana prezydenturę od nicości i służebności i pomoc uratować Europę od jankesowskiego imperializmu.


  33. canassatego pisze:

    A tu taka olbrzymia porcja prawdy, że można dostać zawrotu głowy, jeżeli przez całe życie oglądało się tylko rządowe i korporacyjne media.


  34. Szadok pisze:

    To USA to jest kawał pejsatego gówna . Za żadne pieniądze bym tam nie chciał mieszkać .


    • canassatego pisze:

      Szadok, ewidentnie nie całkiem wiesz ja wygląda życie w USA. To nie jest tak, że wszystko w USA jest złe. To bardzo naiwne wyobrażenie.

      Takie opinie jak „To USA to jest kawał pejsatego gówna” to bardzo prostackie uogólnienia, który nie mają żadnej wartości merytorycznej.

      Jest USA i jest USA. Są Amerykanie i są Amerykanie. Jest np. taki ktoś jak George Bush, patentowany przygłup, ale jest też np. Henry D. Thoreau, znakomity pisarz i filozof, który jest bezcenny dla cywilizacji ludzkiej. Oczywiście takich przykładów diametralnie różnych Amerykanów mógłbym dać setki.

      Ale ograniczę się do własnych doświadczeń. Ameryka, pomijając przerażające przestępstwa kryminalne jakie popełnił w swojej historii rząd Amerykański, dała mi bardzo wiele okazji na ciekawe życie, co chyba w pełni wykorzystałem. (Tak ciekawe życie mógłbym mieć tylko w słowiańskiej Polsce, ale takiej nie ma i długo nie będzie, jeżeli w ogóle. Dlatego musiałem wybrać Amerykę z konieczności. W skatoliczonej, rusofobicznej Polsce długo bym nie pożył. Podobnie jak Piskorski wylądowałbym bardzo szybko w niekończącym się areszcie.)

      W Ameryce trzeba się odizolować od korporacyjnego zamordyzmu i wtedy można całkiem dobrze żyć.

      Ale teraz nie będę się więcej rozpisywał. Może przy następnej okazji.

      This is „Blog Angielski”. We should move our discussion to a different section of PrzemexBlog.


  35. canassatego pisze:

    Oto ta lista zarzutów wobec Putina. Przygotował ją blogger „Art Best” na Russia Insider:

    To put it in the mildest of terms, Putin is not a good man nor a great strategist who has Russia’s best interests at the top of his priorities. Here’s a partial list of things explaining why Putin is part of the problem and not part of the solution:

    1. Putin never stopped selling Russian oil for American dollars thus aiding and abetting Russia’s sworn enemy, the American MIC.
    2. Putin never nationalized the City of London owned-and-controlled Russian central bank and never took control of the ruble away from anglozionist bankers.
    3. Putin never stopped BACKING thereby subsidizing the petrodollar with Russian oil.
    4. Putin enabled NATO to kill Gaddafi.
    5. Putin sells Russian gas and oil for Euros (which are just a different name for the dollar) to the European Union who commit acts of war by passing sanctions against Russia along with the Americans.
    6. Putin never demanded the Americans leave Syria.
    7. Putin never declared Syria’s airspace closed to America.
    8. Putin never helped the Russians in Eastern Ukraine establish secure borders and independence from the NATO-imposed criminal regime in Kiev.
    9. Putin sold highest-level-military-technology S-400s to NATO via Turkey thereby directly impairing Russian national security.
    10. Putin sold S-400s to Saudi Arabia who are wahhabi muslim terrorists bent on the extermination of Putin’s allies the Alawite/Christian Syrians and Shiite Persians.
    11. Putin collaborates with the Turks who are proud to have ambushed and shot down Russian jets and killed Russian pilots. Turkish President Erdogan wowed to shoot down Russians again.
    12. Putin opened Syrian airspace to the Turks so that they could bomb and exterminate the Kurds of Afrin in Northern Syria, just like the Turks did to the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.
    13. Putin ALWAYS allowed the Americans and the Jews to bomb and kill Syrians and Russian military personnel with impunity.
    14. Putin never punished the Jewish terrorists who exploded Russian passenger jets killing hundreds of Russians.
    15. Putin agreed to pass sanctions against North Korea thereby agreeing to starve the North Korean population.
    16. Putin refused to deliver the self-defense-related S-300s to his supposed ally Iran.
    17. Putin has not provided up-to-date SAMs including S-400s to his Syrian allies.
    18. Putin is still „investigating” the recent crash of the Russian plane that killed dozens of Russian pilots which were among its passengers.
    19. The zionist oligarchs are still in power in Putin’s Russia.
    20. Russians are still not better off than they were under the Soviet Union.
    Putin the crypto-zionist? Not good.



  36. canassatego pisze:

    „Fort Russ” to najbardziej przyjazny Piskorskiemu rosyjski portal, który jako jedyny od samego początku konsekwentnie ujawniał nielegalność aresztowania Piskorskiego. Oto aktualny artykuł:


  37. canassatego pisze:

    Just released: official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia audio–Will Smith and Era Istrefi. Live it up, baby! Song, peace, brotherhood. No war and no warmongers!

    Live It Up – Nicky Jam feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi (2018 FIFA World Cup Russia) (Official Audio)
    Nicky Jam feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi – Live It Up…

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  38. canassatego pisze:

    Do you really want to live forever? And be forever young?

    As I was driving back home after losing a tough, 3-set tennis match in the play-offs of the New Mexico Tennis League, I turned my car radio on, and this song came on. It was overwhelming, and I got choked up a little. The message was clear: do we really want to live forever? Be young forever? Play the games of life forever? When is long life long enough or too long? Why is this all so sad?

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  39. canassatego pisze:

    Amidst the US presidential election race last year, Robert De Niro, a Democrat, labelled Donald Trump “blatantly stupid” and a “bullsh*t artist.”

    “[Trump’s] a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s a national disaster. He’s an embarrassment to this country. It makes me so angry that this country has got to a point where this fool, this bozo, has wound up where he has.

    “He talks about how he wants to punch people in the face. Well, I’d like to punch him in the face,” De Niro said in an advert released in October 2016.


  40. canassatego pisze:

    Hi Amigos, „Canassatego” reporting from New Mexico:

    Russia wins spectacularly 5:0 against helpless Saudi Arabia. Golovin the real hero of the match, while Cheryshev’s goals pure soccer magic. Congrats to a fellow Slavic country!


  41. canassatego pisze:

    Will the Ukrainian neo-fascists attack Donbass during the World Soccer Cup in Russia?:


  42. canassatego pisze:

    Canada: a huge step towards democracy, ecological responsibility, and personal freedom:



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